Pakistan is playing a vital role in rebuilding of Afghanistan through logistic sector because of geographic location where port of Karachi plays a major role as gateway to Afghanistan.

We are well versed with the procedures, rules & regulations and possess vast experience in clearance of consignments and transportation all over Pakistan and Afghanistan as well.

We have ample experience in this field and have a consortium of our own concerns for providing economical services for clearing, forwarding, storage facilities at Karachi, Local Transportation and transportation to all Afghan destinations as required. A well-established administrative setup located at strategic junctions ensures that the transportation is completed in a secure and expeditious manner. We shall be pleased to provide you any assistance you may need in Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan. If there is any query please feel free to ask us, assuring you our best services and attention all times.

Afghanistan’s one stop shop for all of your needs.

Our Associates in Afghanistan can arrange

  • Customs clearance
  • Transportation / Commercial logistics
  • Provide security analysis by working with ANSO (Afghanistan NGO Security Organisation)
  • Air-conditioned Cars / buses on Rent.
  • Drivers and translators/Interpreter both in Kabul and for travel into the countryside.
  • Medical Assistance.
  • Accommodation - Hotel and as well as Provide lodging in own guesthouse, managed by a hotelier who has four top-class guesthouses in Kabul.
  • Catering supports services.
  • Supply of Provision.
  • Water Supply locally from the Kabul Market to the Site in tankers/buckets for washing and in bottles for drinking purpose.
  • Generators of different capacities.
  • Porta Cabins.
  • Supply of manpower and fixers who get what you need done time and time again
  • Source and supply equipment necessary for the establishment of an office or private house
  • Procurement of Local Materials
  • Project Execution.
  • Travel / tour operator work all over the country and have sent parties of tourists, naturalists and gem prospectors to the Wakhan Corridor in Badakshan - Afghanistan’s most remote and beautiful province.